Packing Kits with Teflon Braid

A single pressure balance seal combined with a lantern and Teflon backup seal provides the user with a means of lubricating the jack with a Teflon residue to reduce running noise and breakaway friction.

Suggested Inspection Procedure

  1. When checking a hydraulic elevator piston for scores and joint alignment, you should run the car up to the top floor. With the piston fully extended, check for scores. Clean the piston as you go down, stopping the car every few feet, to make sure the surface or the piston is completely covered. On two or more piece pistons, make sure the joints are properly aligned and smooth. Continue this process until the complete surface of the piston is smooth.
  2. Ride elevator and inspect performance.
  3. Check packing for leaking.
  4. Feel plunger for heat.
  5. Check for excess oil on plunger or in elevator drip can.

Order Procedure for Packing

Check Identification tag, usually attached to crosshead on top of car.

Also, look for:

Elevator Manufacturer
Approximate Age of Elevator
Size of Piston

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